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Sharpening Tools

* DMT Diamond Whetstones™ will sharpen, smooth, file and abrade steels much faster than standard abrasives to save labor time.
* DMT Diamond Whetstones™ abrade tungsten carbide and titanium which traditional abrasives cannot manage.
* DMT products are very durable and will remain flat.
* Customers use water as a lubricant instead of oil for clean stock removal.

10" Duosharp™ (10" x 4")
4 Piece Diamond Whetstone™ Set
6" Diamond Whetstone™
8" Duosharp™ (8" x 2-5/8")
Diamond Mini-Sharp Sharpener
DMT Diafold Diamond® Whetstone™
Double Sided Diafold®
Machinist Diamond Whetstone™
W7EFC Kit of 3 Mini Diamond Stones
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