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Wire Wheel Brushes

Use carbon wire filled brushes for dry cleaning operations such as removal of rust or scale, insulation from wires, varnish from stators, etc. Use fiber (tampico), synthetic or stainless steel filled wire brushes for wet cleaning applications.
Power Brushes are ideal tools for completely removing burrs. Brushes can be used on all types of materials and are suitable for deburring irregular shaped parts.
Surface Finishing
Anderson power brushes are used as final finishing tools to improve flat or cylindrical surfaces that have been ground or abrasive polished. The brush removes the small raised metal particles without changing dimensions.
Power brushes are used for roughening rubber, leather, plastics, ferrous and nonferrous metal before bonding or painting. Brushes are also used to produce satin or matte finishes on various materials.
Edge Blending
Anderson power brushes offer a complete range of tools for blending surface intersections. Brushes perform this application without removing metal on the surface adjacent to the edge or changing the part's dimensions.

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