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Nylon Brushes

Made from nylon filaments with abrasive grains impregnated throughout.

Deburring Flat Parts
Parts containing many edges on the same plane are easily deburred with Anderlon Disc brushes. These brushes are often used in CNC machines to eliminate hand deburring. They can also be used in dedicated equipment in order to maximize throughput.
Edge Radiusing
Many part specifications require the production edge radii within certain tolerance bands. Anderlon brushes can be used to produce edge radii from 0.001 to 0.030 depending on the work material.
Surface Finishing
Anderlon brushes will refine surface finishes on most machined and ground parts. The filaments in the brush reduce the peaks in the surface roughness without affecting the valleys. This results in a lower RMS level without changing part dimensions.

Anderlon brushes are compliant deburring and finishing tools that offer both aggressiveness and conformability in off-hand production, CNC, robotic and automated processes. Anderlon brushes can be used to deburr, finish and edge blend both metallic and non-metallic production parts. Their aggressiveness makes them cost-effective tools for demanding applications like deburring steel edges after machining or grinding. At the same time, their conformability allows them to be used in the finishing of complex shapes on softer materials like aluminum heat sinks.
Anderlon brushes are made from nylon filaments with abrasive grains impregnated throughout. As the filaments wear, old dull abrasive grains are released, exposing new sharp abrasive grains, thereby providing consistent performance throughout the life of the brush.
Anderson offers both a composite hub construction and a metal hub construction. With this broad range of configurations, Anderson is sure to meet all your application needs.

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