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Collet Closer - 5C

Please note that Royal Products no longer manufactures a 5C Lever Style Collet Closer. Today's modern lathes, many equipped with CNC controls, have performance and automation requirements that simply cannot be achieved with a lever style collet closer.

* The Royal 5C pneumatic collet closer enables 5C collets to be used on any manual lathe or workhead.
* This new model, based upon Royal's 50+ years of collet closer experience, has been designed for heavy use under the most demanding manufacturing conditions.
* Fast opening/closing action makes the Royal pneumatic collet closer a great choice for high production applications. / * Closer is very easy to actuate, resulting in minimal worker fatigue and maximum productivity. / * The air cylinder incorporates a large diameter piston, providing strong grip force on the workpiece. / * The Royal 5C Pneumatic Collet Closer incorporates several modern safety features designed to help shops meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements. Unlike other collet closers, there are no exposed rotating parts on the outboard side of the machine. / * Pneumatic collet closer assembly includes air cylinder, custom machined rear end spindle adapter, drawtube, and cam-lock collet adapter. Air controls must be ordered separately.

Thru-Hole Capacity : 1.06" / Cylinder O.D.: 5.94" / Max. Operating Speed 4,000rpm (* For continuous operation above 3,000 rpm we recommend reducing air pressure to 60 psi max.) / Max. Air Pressure: 90 psi / Piston Surface Area: 14.72 sq. in. / Max. Drawtube Force: 1,325 lbs / Max. Clamping Force: 4,520 lbs

Please note that Royal collet closers are not stock items they incorporate several components that are custom-machined to fit each individual lathe spindle. We normally build and ship all collet closers within two weeks of the order date. Our engineering department maintains a database of hundreds of lathe models sold in this country,but occasionally our ordering instruc
Order # Manufacturer Description Price  
0917200 ROYAL A-3 or D1-3, For Lathes wth Spindle Nose Type $2,457.00
0017201 ROYAL A-4 or D1-4, For Lathes with Spindle Nose Type $2,575.00
0017202 ROYAL A-5 or D1-5, For Lathes with Spindle Nose Type $2,830.00
0017203 ROYAL A-6 or D1-6, For Lathes with Spindle Nose Type $3,085.00
0017204 ROYAL A-8 or D1-8, For Lathes with Spindle Nose Type $3,511.00
9916001 ROYAL Air Control Kit w/ Hand Valve $258.00
9916002 ROYAL Air Control Kit w/ Foot Valve $406.00
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