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Surface Gage

(MIT Series 156)

MITUTOYO Surface Gage 156502 has a 5/32" DIA. 7" scriber, .39" DIA. upright post which is 10" tall. It has a coarse-adjusting clamp for upright post, fine-adjusting knob and baked-enamel-finished, hardened-steel base. The two gage pins provided are held tightly against the base.

The rocker runs the entire length of the base and pivots against a heavy spring, allowing a wide range of fine adjustment, yet holding the tip of the scriber firmly.

Use of test indicator along with this Surface Gage is recommended.

* Bottom surface, Vee and parallel side edges are ground.
* A pair of gage pins for linear work.
* 7" Scriber
* Fine adjusting knob
* Suitable as a small transfer stand with MITUTOYO test indicator.
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