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A special formula originally developed by Starrett to protect high quality precision tools . M1 when applied produces a micro-thin air-tight coating film that simultaneously dries as it protects, avoiding dirt, grime, etc. that other wet lubricants actually attract.

SPRAYS UPSIDE DOWN: The can will spray upside down in awkward places without losing propellant power.
LUBRICATES: M1 is free of silicone, making it an excellent lubricant that is also easily removed to prep surfaces for paint. Its ability to stand up to extreme temperatures makes it ideal year-round.
PENETRATES: Deep-down penetration works quickly to free frozen nuts, bolts and metal parts. Actually gets under caked-on dirt to the clean metal.
PREVENTS RUST: Protects metal against rust and corrosion damage for months by providing a molecular shield that locks to the metal.
CLEANS: Actually removes grease, tar and grime from metal parts and painted surfaces. Cleans and polishes for lasting protection.
STOP SQUEAKS: Has instant lubrication properties that spread into hard to - reach metal parts to stop squeaking and sticking.
DISPLACES MOISTURE: M1 is not soluble in water, so it gets under moisture to lift it away from the surface to be protected.
NON- CONDUCTIVE: Prevents short circuits in high moisture environments. Halts electrical leakage from wet ignition wires.
ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Contains no harmful fluorocarbons / detergents and is also FDA approved for using in or near food-related environments.
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0095173 STARRETT USA M1-95173, 12oz. Aerosol Can $6.45
0093221 STARRETT USA M-1.01, 1 Gallon Container $38.75
0093227 STARRETT USA M-1.05, 5 Gallon Pail $206.55
0093233 STARRETT USA M-1.53, 53 Gallon Drum $1,669.90
0093251 STARRETT USA M-1.15, 1 Pint bulk EMPTY Dispenser $5.05
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